Frequently Asked Questions


what is an elopement?

Traditionally, an elopement was about running away with your lover and getting married in secret. These days the emphasis is less about secrecy and more about size and intimacy. An elopement is about the things that really matter in a wedding, you and your lover, thats it. It isn't about the 500 person guest list, the third cousins on your mother's side that you've never met, nor the need to stick to tradition. 

Change the white dress for a romper, the church for the desert and the bridal party for your dog. Your wedding, your way.  

There are tons of reasons to elope, such as:

Most of our couples elope because they want their wedding to be as intimate as possible and not feel like they need to bow to tradition and have a 200 person guest list. Just the two people that matter the most and their nearest and dearest if they want (that includes dogs!).

The average cost of a wedding in the US is $35,329. For less than 15% of that, you can fly to Vegas for a weekend, get married, blow a bunch of cash on gambling, tours and amazing food, and still have change. You can use the money you save on honeymooning around the world for a year, buy a car, put a deposit on a house, pay for college.... you get the idea. 

You can get married on a mountain, in a canyon, a forest, in the desert, a chapel, a hotel suite or even on the street. Whatever you can imagine, its pretty much doable. 

Because how many of your friends can say you went to Vegas and got hitched? A wedding should be exciting, fun and not stressful. Elope and save yourself the grey hairs of spending a year planning the big church wedding.

Why elope?

How can we book?

To lock in your date you just need to fill out a simple agreement and pay a retainer (50% of package price). The remainder is due 3 weeks from your wedding date. The agreement and retainer are both taken care of online. Payments can be made via Credit Card, Paypal and Venmo. Packages include all fees and taxes. 


Absolutely! We are so happy (and proud!) that Nevada was one of the first states to offer same-sex marriages :)


Like everything in our packages we help you make this a seamless and easy process. By law, you have to apply for your license in person at the registry office downtown however you can get the process started online beforehand. We’ll help get you there, it only costs $77 and can be done the day before or the morning of your ceremony.  

Click here for information on how to get your marriage license:

What do we have to do after the wedding?

Not a thing! We will take your marriage documentation and file it with the Clark County Registrar to get it all legal. We will then send you everything (including your legal marriage certificate) in the mail. If you are from overseas and need it to be legal in your country, there will be a little bit more paperwork involved, but we will handle this and send it to you via international registered post.


If it is an outdoor wedding, I recommend having your ceremony as close to sunset as possible. The afternoon light (known as the golden hour) is best an hour or two before sunset and your photographs will look better for it.  Don't worry, if this timeframe isn't suitable, we will still make it work and capture some amazing photographs that you will love and cherish.

During the summer months, Las Vegas gets to over 110 degrees daily so I recommend staying away from shooting in the middle of the day. A lot of my couples opt to shoot at sunrise as it is the coolest part of the day, the light is amazing and there is very little to no people around and we get to have the locations all to ourselves.

What if the weather is horrible?

In the unlikely chance it rains, or it is super windy (it happens sometimes) I am happy to reschedule to the day after if schedule permits (including the schedules of your other vendors). If this isn't a possibility there are always backup plans. There are plenty of indoor locations we can switch to, as well as locations that are hidden from the elements. We can always grab a coffee/beer/lunch and hopefully wait it out, otherwise in the words of Ronnie Coleman, "there ain't nothing to it but to do it".

Some of my best photos have happened in bad weather or while deviating from the original plan. So relax, don't let it stress you out. Whatever happens, we will make your day amazing. It might not be what you had originally planned, but it will be perfect in its own way. 

At this stage we are only performing elopements in Nevada, within 100mi of Las Vegas. If you want to get married elsewhere, let us know and we can put you in touch with other amazing people who can help!


Can you be our witness?

Of course! We'd be honored.

How many images will I receive?

This varies depending on package, but at the very least I aim for 60 images per hour of coverage.

how long until we get our photos?

3 weeks tops. Not a day more, but possibly a few days less.

can our dog be our groomsman?

Not only is it ok, it is encouraged.